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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Office of Energy Market Regulation (OEMR)

What We Do
The Office of Energy Market Regulation (OEMR) advises the Commission and processes caseload related to the economic regulation of the electric utility, natural gas and oil industries. OEMR deals with matters involving energy markets, tariffs and pipeline rates relating to electric utility and natural gas and oil pipeline facilities and services. One of the Commission’s primary goals is to prevent the exercise of market power by wholesale power sellers, electric transmission companies, and natural gas and oil pipeline companies. This is accomplished by striking an appropriate balance between competition and regulation. The Commission has been steadily reforming its electricity policies to find this balance in its regulation of wholesale power sales and transmission.

Major areas of responsibilities:

  1. Advise the Commission on the regulation of the natural gas industry, electric power industry and oil pipeline industry under the Natural Gas Act, Natural Gas Policy Act 1978, Federal Power Act, Energy Policy Act of 1992, Energy Policy Act of 2005, Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, Department of Energy Act and other legislation;
  2. Advise the Commission and/or exercise delegated authority to assure just and reasonable rates and fair and non-discriminatory transmission system and pipeline access in matters pertaining to both cost-based and market-based tariffs and rates;
  3. Review such matters as interlocking directorates, qualifying facilities, priority of service under NGPA and other energy regulatory matters;
  4. Analyze applications for electric public utility corporate transactions, including public utility mergers, issuance of securities or the assumption of liabilities, to determine if the proposed transactions are consistent with the public interest;
  5. Analyze Regional Transmission Organization/Independent System Operator proposals or proposals for the formation of other regional transmission entities; and,
  6. Analyze rate schedules for transmission service filed by Federal Power Marketing Administrations for conformance with the Pacific Northwest Electric Power Planning and Conservation Act and other acts relevant to specific power marketing administrations, delegations from the Secretary of Energy and the Commission's regulations.
  7. Analyze filings as it to relates to the processing of filings dealing with the ERO budget, rules of procedure, bylaws, etc. as required under The Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) under section 215 of the Federal Power Act.

OEMR is led by Office Director Anna V. Cochrane and Deputy Director Jette Gebhart.

OEMR Organization Chart
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    Office of Energy Market Regulation